Supported only by some modems, usually external ones. Issuing a command will not produce a response unless the command is something like ATZ, which will restore this setting to default. This is used to access systems that do not provide a dial tone. H0 Force modem on-hook hang-up H1 Force modem off-hook to answer or dial. Another confuses the original Smartmodem with the later V-Series modems, reversing the introduction dates and features.

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The Hayes command set includes commands for various phone-line manipulations, dialing and hanging-up for instance. O1 Retrain the modem.

What modems are compatible with CenturyLink?

P – Pulse Dial T – Touch Tone Dial W – Wait for the second dial tone R – Reverse to answer-mode after dialing – Wait for up to 30 seconds for one or more ringbacks- Pause for the time specified in register S8 usually 2 seconds ; – Remain in command mode after dialing. Such strings are called initialization strings. When new commands were required to control additional functionality in higher speed modems, a variety of one-off standards emerged from each of the major vendors. The register will store a particular value alpha-numeric information which the modem and the communications software can utilize.


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The modems on both sides drop their DCD signals as well. Most modems follow the Hayes command set specifications to complete commands such as hanging up, dialing and changing connection parameters. Systems Monitoring for Dummies: They quickly introduced their own v. In this example, the user of computer A makes the modem dial the phone number of modem B at phone number long distance.

Dafault is 5 0. Hahs the modem to go on-hook for 0.

Hayes command set – Wikipedia

When the modems are connected, any characters typed at either side will appear on the other side. A Hayes-compatible modem is a modem that recognizes and adheres to the Hayes AT command set, a hayd language with strings that combine together to output complete commands for different operations.

Defines the length of time a comptible is detected and qualified as a carrier. Default is 13 carriage return. Both modems report that the connection has ended.

Default is 0 disable timer. Select register n as the current register, and query its value. The person at computer B issues the modem escape command. Default is 6 0.

Hayes command set

Soon there were literally mkdem of similar models on the market, and Rockwell’s competitors also rushed in with similar chipsets of their own. English result codes e. What was needed was a single modem that could do it all; connect directly to the phone, answer incoming calls, dial numbers to initiate outgoing calls, and hang up when the call was complete.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Today almost all modems use a variant of the Hayes command set. Hayes Communications introduced a solution in its Smartmodem by re-using the existing data pins with no modification.

X 4 Send all responses.

The HideAway derives its power from two isolated sources: The pause at the end of the escape sequence was required to reduce the problem caused by in-band signaling: Defines the character for the backspace. Default is 50 1 second.

Not only did it require special driver software, but a different hardware design was needed for every computer busincluding Apple II, S, TRSand others. The merger was primarily a way to take the company public.