This unit is great–I’d absolutely get one again. Mini stereo jack Line Input Impedance: This is my first foray into digital recording of any sort, so I’m pretty slow at understanding all of the options involved. It’s so small that it always catches people off guard when they see it. I bought it in , I separated over, although I prefer to save today with a computer more options, better quality.

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Trs super good sound headphones. The few things missing and I would hesitate to other machines or more advanced Fostex Tascam into a single record at a time normal, it’s still a miniature studiono MIDI morg, data compression I’m not sure this is always audible, but I feel sometimes lose in the sound so I console myself saying that this box is not up to my talent!!!

I wanted a digital unit that I didn’t have kory set up a studio for–space is at a premium in my house, and this works great: Finally, I wish I could make a record not too disgusting to an acoustic guitar over with this little voice PXR-4 but it will be possible. Not satisfied with those reviews?

I find amazing is that this kind of gear is so cheap. The size of the unit is great, too. It is an interesting device because it was enough to make an album yes!


PXR4/Owner’s Manual

Micro Intgr not as bad as some! I am far from having exploited its full potential. It’s a shame because the same unit with mp3 less compression would have been perfect. My xpr4 discman takes up more room.

But although you do you’ll always have this pxt4 a little shrill and whistling inherent in digital low-quality not to mention the breath. The biggest dificult LIEA PXR4 use is in viewing the pieces, but pdr4 the same px4r it would take a computer to have it all under the eyes, so it’s not so much as a dfau a!

I can’t believe what is all packed into this little thing. I use this recorder for quite some years and almost daily since recently. If he has often been a big help I think I have reached its limits. Mini stereo jack Includes AC adapter. Selecting parameters and editing is easy. I bought it inI separated over, although I prefer to save today with a computer more options, better quality.

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USB transfer to PC without difficulty. This unit is great–I’d absolutely get one again. After, I’m using that with the microphone, I do not register with me directly connecting in with my guitar.

In essence, this does exactly what I wanted it too in allowing me to throw down song ideas quickly, and not take up much room. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Indeed, to record his ideas to guitar, rehearsing with the microphone is perfect.


But to make a recording whose goal is to be released I think it will turn to the upper range, the big downside of this machine is the high compression that deals with sound. But ultimately, by its limitations, this machine led to work more with the old and rely less on the many options offered by the computer. It’s so small that it always catches people off guard when they see it. The PXR4 sounds great.

It’s still an excellent machine to record ideas, record beef the microphone is honest and to models of quality quite acceptable. Log in Become a member. Sales of this amazing palm sized recorder continue to grow, and with it so does the support from Korg.

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