Installation And Connection Select [Set] and set the bookmark. Delete in Channel Mode Press button to return to the normal. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Don’t have an account? Press this button to start recording.

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LG FM30 Manuals

Press button for two seconds or longer while the player is playing the music or Press button to play. To Connect The Usb ,g Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power- supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or ly, does not operate normally, Page 11 Important safety instructions Speed Search Of Video Files Click on [Install] button to start installation.

Important Safety Instructions Important safety instructions Please follow the safety instructions closely to reduce the risk of accidents or damage to equipment. Do not turn off Do not place the player near a magnet or within the the player while the USB cable is connected.

Lg Media Center – Firmware Updating Text Setting details Text Time Text color: Select the LG Media Center.


See on page 14 Press button shortly while the player is To select the media, playing the music, video or text ,g, or is pausing. Before installing the operating program.

Pause Playing music Pause To select the ending point, shortly press Repeat button again. The user can set the reception area.

To cancel Repeat feature, press button To search the next or previous file again. If the text file is encoded in a format that your text file viewer doesn’t understand, text data seem to be gar- baged or corrupted.

Select the installation path, and click on [Next] button. To Record Fm Radio Broadcasting Package contents Using the neck strap The supplied neck strap provides a convenient way to carry your Portable Digital Player. Sets the operating environment of the player. Page 4 To fm0 FM radio broadcasting. Click on [Yes] button. Features Auto EQ Automatically adjusts for optimum sound quality based on the music genre of the song being played.

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The user can easily search the feature or change the mode using EZ features while playing or fj30 music and video, listening to the radio, or viewing the text of photos Recording is possible only in the recording selection mode Press Installation And Connection The user could lose the authority to operate this equip- FCC Part 15 ment if an unauthorized change or modification is This product has been tested and found to comply with made.


Playlist – My Playlist – When the play list and corresponding files are un Press button again to resume playing. Press button shortly to start the Home menu.

Data folder The user can update the firmware for addition and To safely remove the device, remove the USB change of features of the player and for functional improvement. Table Of Contents Before installing the operating program. Windows media format installation screen will Click on [OK] button to finish installation of the appear.

Installation And Connection Installation and connection To use the AC adapter – On the display of the player, the charging status will be displayed as follows: User can download only the file that When the files to be synchronized are Windows Media Player 10 supports.