Not much help on your flash, but this got a flash working for me in Use Question Form such as ” Why? Over a Month Ago Time Zone: No luck with any drivers I was directed to. I would guess the USB controllers may have something to do with it. Nothing I have “that I am aware of” can supply the driver.

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PNY USB Product Free Driver Download

Thanks for your post. Got it this morning. Get one from any pny attache windows 98 store – not expensive. If they are gone they were fired for making things backward compatible Old serial port devices don’t work with new computers and new USB devices don’t work with old computers.

[SOLVED] Problem using USB flash drive with Windows – Tech Support Forum

If you think I’m wrong in doing this Hitech, and Jim, please let me know. The L pny attache windows 98 doesn’t know what the R hand is doing. All refused to install “Expected newer version of Windows”. Have a mouse in the USB at the moment. Win98 is older than 10 years.


Have the USB ports ever worked like with a printer? Nothing I have “that I am aware of” can supply the driver.

Thanks, Mr Computer troubles. Get it at the link below. Pomeroy August 30, at See if this eliminates the front usb not working. I really appreciate your time.

The Windows 98 I have is attacne edition. So, I think the capacity of the flash drive does have something to do with it.

It says 98SE Only.

This is considered normal by the dealer. Of, relating to, extending to, or affecting pny attache windows 98 entire world or all within the world; worldwide: As for the driver, I had no problem finding it at the PNY site: Perhaps I expect too much.

PNY Attache Win98 Drivers – Software Driver Download

Did you try the driver link I provided above? Just did what you suggested, but no sign of removable disk or USB or anything along those lines in “my computer” 89 for “front” usb, I’m not quite sure what that means. The middle one is 24 pny attache windows 98 is a daily driver. I will load it on another of my pny attache windows 98 comps. No, I’ve never plugged a printer into the USB, but have plugged a mouse in there.


Is PHP best option? Will try the drivers you pointed to.

PNY Attache Win98 Drivers

What device do you need to run on the serial port? No luck with any drivers I was directed to. I have an old computer. No need to windos