Quality-oriented gamers can buy without hesitating. Among the preinstalled programs, we find familiar Asus tools such as Power4Gear Hybrid additional energy-saving modes , Splendid optional image enhancements , Live Update updates a few software components and USB Charger Plus takes care of recharging external USB devices. The good workmanship and low temperature development are even more assets. At least Microsoft’s new operating system has its own recovery feature see right picture. This item doesn’t belong on this page. We show the least amount of ads possible.

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An annoying whir joins the very audible base noise, but disappears after a while. A second hard disk can be inserted without problems. The potent cooling construction has a negative asus g75vx on weight and dimensions, but in return, it ensures a moderate noise development.

For the original German aus, see here. Owing to the above-average size, even long cursor movements can be made without lifting the finger.

The keyboard’s asus g75vx is in the midfield, i. The Blu-Ray player sometimes reached 39 dB A when playing a disk. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The new PSU surprises with a slim asus g75vx.


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The laptop stands stably even without the battery. The Asus g75vx architecture extracts roughly asus g75vx more runtime from the battery. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

However, the laptop is especially convincing outside its pure performance.

You may also like. The connectivity does not completely justify the premium price.

Asus g75vx the past, many users complained about a poor range and connection quality. The incher inherits one of the biggest assets of the G range: The above-average quality impression is owed particularly asks the keyboard’s silver metal tray, which provides a nice contrast to the rest of the laptop. Windows 8 bit is the installed operating system. It is usually due to the graphics card asus g75vx games stutter.

The design is extremely easy to use so anyone can do it. To make it short: Asus g75vx fan outlets are in the rear. There is not much room for complaint in terms of workmanship. The good workmanship and low temperature development are even more assets. By pushing heat out the back, the notebook’s gamer-facing side stays extra asus g75vx, increasing your comfort.


ASUS G75VX Gaming Laptop Notebook NVIDIA GTX 670mx Custom 12gb 1600mhz

Asis Dell Inspiron Asus g75vx majority of buyers will be happy with the screen despite the mentioned drawbacks. Battlefield 3 – x ultra AA: Not quite, because the brightness distribution is still not quite ideal.

Nvidia has done a great job with the Asus g75vx architecture. The incher now played a DVD for 2. Quality-oriented gamers can buy without hesitating.

ASUS ROG G75VX [Specs and Benchmarks] –

Please, switch off ad blockers. For example, its high-quality and well-crafted casing would be named here.

Owing to the clever cooling, the chassis does not get hot during load.