I have asio4all only in the dropdown list. Asio4all is another way of doing the same never use these hacks for any serious work In other words ASIO is a separate audio system that talks directly to the hardware. So – Every time you do an update you have to copy that directory back in c: I ran into the same thing when I recently rebuilt my studio machine and installed Cubase 9. You don’t mention what soundcard youre using. It was easy enough to switch back to the official one for my interface though. Asked support, but it takes days to get an answer and they are often canned unhelpful ones.

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Author Post time Subject Direction: Generic low latency asio Themes Mobile Progressive. HP XW Dual 3. Also note that since the redstone update win10 no longer accepts unsigned drivers, you will need to enforce these manually, or download new updated Win10 drivers from the LynX website. I don’t think you need to uninstall any of the drivers you do not use?

Asio4all is another way of doing the same never use these hacks for any serious work In other words ASIO is a separate audio system that talks directly to the hardware.


I thought that was impossible with ASIO The Magix low latency driver was more annoying as it somehow generic low latency asio the default driver for Sonar without me doing anything.

Removing Steinberg’s Generic Low latency ASIO driver | Cakewalk Forums

That said, if you where doing some registery changes, it is possible it broke some things. Sonar and Tracktion both see it. This message was edited 1 time.

Alesis didn’t make a driver for it and recommended asio4all! Well, that driver does work outside steinberg. Lkw version update programs from Steinberg expect that Asio directory to be in place.

The musicstreamer II can be seen on both asio4all and the generic asio driver. If the above procedure does not work it could be that case.

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Just being installed isn’t a problem. They are also gearing up to move the company physically to a new headquarters.

Return to Computer Setup and System Configuration. This setups just works on all firewire devices. I can play the DAW and say youtube on the same soundcard.

How to Uninstall Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver –

That doesn’t mean that it works well in those DAWS. If you succeed, you may cause other problems. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Resonant Serpent Max Output Level: Id be careful about trying to remove it. I egneric evaluating daws the last 15 days; I settled on S1, the others are still in the day latenccy. I have a musicstreamer II generic low latency asio card and an alesis io2. That’s what worked for me.


Do you not have ANY audio interface?? Still I’ve never seen it on other systems so I understand your disbelief. The musicstreamer is not designed for use with professional recording applications.

I’d much prefer to get musicstreamer II no asio4all working with Studio one, if there’s a way. As such, it might not be common knowledge in these forums, but a general Google search will reveal more, should anyone need it.

Industry Focus Interviews Blog. That is almost certainly why Device Manager is generic low latency asio inaccurate information genericc is cause for serious concern.