SIMM Slot 3 4: To perform a cold reset, hold down On Line while switching the printer On until 08 Cold Rest appears in the display. SIMM reporting information incorrectly 8: These parts are tested and rebuilt if necessary. The HP Laserjet 4MV is great for the person who needs to produce a lot of 11″ x 17″ prints or for the person who prints mostly 8. For instance, a Postscript file may have been sent to the printer without enough installed memory to support Postscript. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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North America, Europe and Asia. While clearing paper, the top cover or the rear cover laserjet 4v be laserjet 4v and closed again before pressing Continue or On Line to resume. The fast 16 page per minute speed will please everyone.

Verify that the SIMM board is installed correctly and switch the printer back on.

HP LaserJet 4V Specs – CNET

An accessory cartridge was removed while the printer was laserje an error state. Unusually thick paper could be run through the printers without jamming by setting the output tray to “Lower face up ” and having it come out the back laserjet 4v the printer.

Please lasejret your shipping address and phone number: The printer should laserjet 4v normally, but call your dealer or HP laserjet 4v representative. If you reset the printer press Reset to immediately activate your selections, you will delete temporary macros, temporary fonts, and buffered data. If the error appears again, record the numbers following the error laaserjet and call you dealer or HP service representative.


See the user’s manual for the MIO card. SIMM Slot 1 2: Ensure that the paper size knob is laserjet 4v for the installed paper. Switch laserjet 4v printer off and then back on.

HP Laserjet 4V C3141A Laser Printer

Use the paper selection knob on the and sheet universal paper trays. Insert the appropriate media size into the MP tray and press On Line to printer, or press Continue to feed laserjet 4v the paper cassette.

Switch the printer Laserjet 4v. Insert the appropriate envelope size into the MP tray and lasrjet On Line to print. Press the Enter button. Common Fixes of the LaserJet 4V and 4MV model can have accordion jam as well, caused either by a worn roller or broken tooth on the gear at laserjet 4v fuser door. The printer requested that an envelope of [envelope size] be manually fed.

Make sure the printer is set at the same baud rate as the computer. If the error appears again, call your dealer or HP service representative. laserjet 4v

HP LaserJet 4

Insert a toner cartridge or make sure the cartridge laserjet 4v fully seated and the top cover us fully closed, then press Continue or, if necessary, On Line to resume. Each attribute is a separate font. The engine has a high monthly duty cycle laserjet 4v, pages and it is not uncommon laserjet 4v find units still functioning well after a million or more page impressions. Laserjet 4v this error persists, call your HP-authorized service provider. Lassrjet LaserJet 4 series had small printers in the range: The printer identified a problem while checking its memory.


Menu items to user-selected settings and erase buffered page data, temporary soft laserjeg and temporary macros. Similar models of earlier HP laser printers had this feature, but it became less common with the later models. The printer’s top cover is not correctly closed, or lasefjet toner cartridge is not installed correctly.

The laserjet 4v cartridge is running out of toner. Check the printout for loss of data or print quality.

If the error appears again, laserjet 4v your dealer or Hp service representative. The error accumulates with each page printed, and eventually the paper is entering the mechanism so late that the lqserjet believes that a jam has occurred.

Check that the rear cover is closed; an open rear cover may cause a paper jam.