Learn about the hardware features, specifications and about what the light sequence means on the Motorola SB Internet modem. The internal local IP starting with ? Satellite Internet – What is it? They have their own technical support. I plugged the cable modem in and it lit up. Or the actual IP of the modem starting with a

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And teach the others at tech support too will ya!

Sufboard Cable Modem SB Running good for almost two years. SG Ports Database Security.

Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery. However motorola sb5100 modem probably a problem with the pc or the router, not the modem no settings for any of that. But I just lie to them and sb51100 “No I dont have a router!

I initially thought I had problems with the modem, then the router, however it eventually after 6 weeks of motorola sb5100 modem being knocked off every few hours was discovered that the coax had been eaten through. I plugged the cable modem in and it lit up. If anyone can provide a motoro,a for the following, as it would be great, may be that I’ve reached my bandwidth quota, motorola sb5100 modem my isp is not letting my internet boost itself to the full of its speed.

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It’s not as fast as cable but it is consistent Default Passwords User Stories.

I’d give the Motorola Motorola sb5100 modem a mootrola. I’m looking at getting this to replace my 3-yr old SB, which is erratically dropping the signal, requiring a power-off-power-on cycle to work again.

Motorola SB5100 SURFBoard Cable Modem

They show my equipment as SB but nobody had a clue about how to get me the right file. I did it before by using my ip address, now Motorola sb5100 modem have two ips to get through. This is modem has seen years of use but is still fully functional. User Articles Quick Reference. I think I was better off motorola sb5100 modem DSL Power over Mootorola PoE:.

Learn what the various light sequences mean on the front of the Motorola SB Internet modem.

Motorola SB5100 / SB5101

Please use the Add Comment function below to review devices you nodem used motorola sb5100 modem be descriptive. Why can I not configure this modem? But thats more Comcast’s fault then Motorola Oh yeah, renew your IP address after you get running again.


This part is common knowledge in the LAN world. Or the actual IP of the modem starting with a Any questions feel free to ask!

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Comcast dosent care if you have a router. Durring the day it’s just OK And just about as motorola sb5100 modem next to your computer, too. Motorola sb5100 modem you SG for providing the ip config address too, looked all over for that.

The Modem is in its original box. They are fast, reliablestable, and long lasting work horses.

Works for me everytime. Online Solid Green Light: And yes Comcast does not like it when they find out you have a router and multipal computers connected.