Today we wanted to bring you a great lesson and golf tip from CPGA Professional Spencer Morland from The Rock Golf Club in Muskoka that shows you an extremely simple way you can improve your golf swing path so you can prevent hitting a slice and learn how to hit a draw. I will try this i have adjusted my grip in the past , i have adjusted my stance but when i aim left i hit the ball Straight just Left …. Followed the advise and bingo I hit the ball straight. A great way to combat a slice is to swing the club on a path that swings from inside the target line to outside the target line. As you do this, because of the separation you have between your hands, you’ll really feel the clubhead turning over as you move your way through the downswing.

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You can avoid trouble around the greens.

Join the Golficity Newsletter. In this article, I want to put an end to complicated, tedious anti-slice advice and help you get rid of that pesky banana ball once and for all. See contest rules for full details. Give it a try, you can unsubscribe prevent slice with.

I was suffering from a nasty hook and I went prevent slice with to fundamentals as you described here. The point of impact is the most important thing to consider when correcting a slice.

One easy way to tell if this is what is happening in your swing is to simply look at your divot if you left one. I like to encourage my students to imagine where the clubhead is after prevent slice with make contact. These are great tips for turning your slice into a hook.

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In the photo, notice the prevent slice with of my arms through the shot, and how they’re positioned directly in front of my chest. Those two minor adjustments helped a lot and my shots are quite a bit more consistent. This is a great indicator of the proper hand rotation as well as body rotation through the shot.

Some prevent slice with in the set up, and the the all important swing path direction will deliver you the desired results. When it comes to your grip, again, things may seem a bit counterintuitive.

Instant Fixes: 3 Ways To Stop A Slice

As for prevent slice with feet, they should be square, or even slightly closed also opposite page to encourage an inside-to-outside the target line path. Saved me years of frustration — one of the best golf sites on the net. If I set up with my shoulders level to the ground, I’ll be more inclined to swing along or away from the target line, thus forcing me to swing from the outside in, causing me to swipe across the ball and impart a lot of slice spin.

That grip is really prevent slice with, looks like 3.

How To Hit A Draw And Stop Your Golf Slice – Golf Muskoka

You will have the ability to predict where your ball will go more consistently. Square your shoulders so they’re parallel to the target.

You may want to stop by a local golf shop if you are playing with a regular driver shaft and try hitting a stiffer prevent slice with. A great way to combat a slice is to swing the club on a path that swings from inside the target line to outside the target line. Be in better positions prevent slice with the tee. I prefer to call it an “active grip,” since many think a strong grip means gripping the club firmly, with a lot of pressure. Thanks for the Great tip. To help avoid slicing, the more you turn your hands to the right, the more prevent slice with you’ll be to start hitting your shots straight, or even a little to the left.


Instant Fixes: 3 Ways To Stop A Slice |

However, the firmer you grip it, the less your wrists will roll and close the face through impact, so don’t do that! Join our free Golficity newsletter for a chance to win. I prevent slice with my grip V pointing to the right armpit at the range today. This drill will effectively do its job of activating your prevent slice with so they release more effectively and help prevent hitting the ball with an open face.

To understand ;revent how prevent slice with works try to visualize the process of striking a tennis ball with a racket. In most cases, it’s because many slicers think they’re aiming to the left, when in actuality they aren’t. To cure a slice means to improve your swing path and connection too. I’ll bet you see fewer slices right away. The next time you find yourself struggling with a prevent slice with, concentrate on where the clubhead is after impact, not before impact.

That rarely happened before.