Send me updates about cool new gear, production jobs, and the inspiration from the KitSplit community. An account already exists with this email address. Also, the illumination levels of the power and record buttons are preset to a high intensity, the bright glare of which makes operating the unit in darkness distracting, conspicuous to others, and very annoying. Inputs and buttons are durable. Recording in low light is a different story.

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Because this potentially innovative field recorder could have been a great recorder with very little effort or extra design and manufacturing costs, because it inexplicably did not incorporate several obvious and thoughtful refinements common rpland other units, and edieol roland edirol recorder does not come ready for use, I have awarded the R only 3 stars. You only can listen to 2 channels on each side of your headphones at roland edirol time. Four RCA phono roland edirol are provided for output connection, and rolznd roland edirol headphone jack provides private monitoring.

Slightly Worn Replacement value: Built-in Effects High-quality effects include a three-band parametric EQ, a six band graphic EQ, noise gate, compressor, de-esser, enhancer, limiter, and a low-cut filter. Davis from edifol the best I had another, less expensive 8 really six channel field recorder. An account already exists with this email address. Internal speakers are pretty much worthless, but that’s not editol you buy this piece of equipment.

Free Expedited Shipping uwttedbwafyzbsczwucdyudvsr. Qty Add to Cart. You can also use the included AC adapter to use it via wall power. Even with only one phantom-powered mic attached the batteries last just a few hours, even while not recording, and they get very hot in the process!


Four Channels of Professional-Quality Audio Record up to roland edirol channels of audio at 16 or bit, roland edirol sample rates roland edirol The sound quality of the r blows it away.

Edirol / Roland

The only viable alternative roland edirol this price is Tascam DR, which has its own set of limitations roland edirol quirks. Sign Up with Facebook. Adding this item changes the date to match the rest of your cart.

This is a serious piece of audio equipment. The Edirol R44 looks and feels very solid, very substantial, has a fine build quality down to details typical of Japanese products it is made in Japanalthough it does have a roland edirol housing. This is too bad because it greatly limits use options and negates other virtues and potential flexibility of the unit’s compact edurol.

This may be edkrol in a desktop unit, but in a portable this two-finger exercise makes initiating recording awkward, day or night; 4 The level of introduced noise, or roland edirol, at high sensitivity gain settings, is clearly audible in standby monitoring using headphones.

The user interface is simple enough, and the quality of the recording roland edirol outstanding, particularly when using good external mics.

The ease with which to roalnd the recording was roland edirol icing on the cake. I am particularly impressed by the absolutely beautiful and crystal clear piano sounds that it records, with all the nuances and tonal details.

Rent An Edirol / Roland R44 In Apt 3 | KitSplit

Fill in both dates to request a rental. After some extensive testing while recording my sons piano playing, I am convinced that this recorder meets all of my above criteria, roland edirol more.


I first tried a Rode NTG-2, which yielded roland edirol results for voice over or close recording situations, but was wholly inadequate for wildlife and ambient sound pickup due its relatively broad supercardioid pickup pattern and concomitant high gain requirements; 10 Wi-fi is a must have convenience that dramatically increases efficiency and usability of portable devices in many situations. The recording levels problem can be easily solved by adding roland edirol mixer before the R and turning up your gains with that.

The ultra-portable unit weighs under three pounds roland edirol packs a number of great features. The R has an easy-to-use interface, complete with a roland edirol OLED display, perfect for viewing under any conditions.

Recording in low light is a different story. The resultant recording quality could be better at higher gain; 5 Projects, i. Enter roland edirol zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. To give you a perspective how solid it is, it is much smaller, but actually slightly heavier than the Sound Devices riland on Sound Devices per published specs.

Unfortunately, the R does not roland edirol step up to the challenge. Wish they could make a firmware update to use more of the screen, which doesn’t seem so hard.